Before You Quit Your Job

The moment I wrote this article, it’s been 20 days past since new year.  Others already doing some small steps in order to fulfill their big plan for this year.  You are not alone, the author (my self!) is not in inclusion.

Do not tell me, you are planning to change your current job and jump perhaps into other career or other company.  Good old ways are gone, where employees stay in the company for so long.  New breed of workers now desires changes in their career.  But are you really ready in kissing your job goodbye?

Here are some things you have to prepare in order before you handed your resignation letter to your boss’ desk.  Honestly, I was in the same position few years ago.  If there will be an exam for this, I am sure I can get the perfect grade!

  1. Be Ready To Have One-on-One Interview with Your Manager. The first event will be happened after you laid your letter to your manger, she/he will definitely ask you the big WHY.  He/She will try his/her own faculties in order you to persuade to recant your resignation.  He/She will do extensive financial and career analysis before he/she let you go.
  2. Prepare At Least Six Months Gross Salary Savings.  If you are currently earning P15,000.00 gross (exclude taxes and other loan payables), then you have to earned P90,000.00 first before you file your resignation letter.  Reason? If you failed to look a new job or still your business venture not yet picking a nice profit, then you will have six months oxygen to feed your self and your family.
  3. Pay All Your Debts First! This is an ironclad rule, never make yourself jobless then having big debts in credit cards, banks, financing firms, automotive companies, etc.
  4. Acquire New Set of Skills. A year before you file your resignation, plan ahead.  Enroll in some technical school or other institution that you can learn some new skills such videography, web designing, graphic designing, and other technical skills that can add value to your own self.  You apply this as possible opportunities.
  5. Never Plan to “Burn Bridges” to the Company Your’e Leaving.  You will never know, you might become a consultant in certain areas which the company can offer you a lower salary grade but full of flexibility and able to work at home.  You can also keep good relationship with your former officemates, they can help you to refer some clients.

So, are you ready to give-up your current job to other people?  Consider again your decision.  Discuss it first to your family.  It would be the biggest decision that you can ever made.

“Always remember, there are many people can occupy your current job.  Others are much better.  Always thankful that you have a job to earn for a living.”


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