Getting Life Insurance in Your 30’s … the younger the better!

As one of the consultant of life insurance and investments (I recently passed my IC examination for variable unit linked investments), getting for a life insurance during their 30s is very ideal.  Or I should say the younger the better.  I thanked God I’m still in my early 30s when I decided and availed my life insurance.

During our weekend training, our trainer tackled the increase of claims of death benefits from beneficiaries of 30’s to 40’s insured individual.  This indicates the growing number of people who got “early call from our Creator” due to various accident, succumbed due to sickness, and other natural causes.  Should be worried now?

TV watching only until 9pm. Photo from
TV watching only until 9pm. Photo from

Did you noticed during 80’s to 90’s, soap operas started as early as 7pm? (remember original version of Pangako Sa’yo?), then these will finished as late as 9pm.  Then evening News programs will follow before Martin Late at Night.

Now, what we will have now? Still have soap operas in 10pm and PBB afterwards.  Making reasons to stay awake later and spend less in sleeping.

During our younger days, there were lesser fast food chains (Only McDonalds and Jollibee).  Also the big factor in increasing juvenile diseases such diabetes, hypertension, and anxiety is due to improper diet, habits, and too much hobbies (cellphone and other gadgets).

Even we really took care ourselves from these factors, sometimes due to

Public Smokers can actually killing us Photo by
Public smokers are actually killing us
Photo by

recklessness and insensitive of others, such smoking in the public areas, we also got exposed in critical diseases such cancer.

Do you remember an incumbent senator diagnosed a stage 4 Lung Cancer, even she is not a smoker even during her youth?

Did you still remember a young actor who died while in vacation in Palawan due to acute pancreatitis? (others claimed he died due to “nightmare”).

Do you know someone who got hypertension and diabetes on their 30s?

Friend, life is full of uncertainties.  Yes we have comprehensive HMO program from our companies (wow we are lucky!), but do you know how much will be the treatment if we diagnosed one of 36 critical illness that commonly took lives?

Family protecting by the insurer Photo from
Family protecting by the insurer
Photo from

Yes we have diversified pool of investments in UITF, Mutual Funds, and commercial bonds, but do we know how would be the procedure in case we got a “call from our Creator” to liquidate these investments towards to your surviving partner?  Trust me, the procedure will be dreadful and tedious.

Again, friend, if someone from insurance company who asking for your appointment.  Please let your self see their presentation.  They might offer you once a lifetime need that may help your family and you in the near future.

Even in your 30’s.

“Maybe having a life insurance policy will be the last thing on your mind. But during difficulties, having a life insurance you wish you ever have.”

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