How Long Is The Long Term Investment?

“How long is the long term investment? “, a usual client question when I’m advising them to invest in long term.  I usually change “long term investment” into cost-averaging method to dizzy them more!  But still the question is, how long the long term investment should be?  Let me walk you thru this:

Peso Cost Averaging Method

Many were already written about peso-cost averaging method.  For simplicity, it’s pouring fixed-and-small capital into a financial investment regularly in a long period of time.  For beginners, our investment advisers advised us to do cost-averaging for better risk-management and maximize capital earnings.   But how peso cost averaging able to grow our capital contribution faster and why it’s still better?

The Easier and Comfortable Option

According to Smart Pinoy Investor (, History acclaims an established way of investing in the stock market that requires minimal effort. Your fifteen minutes time every month to browse the internet would be enough for this method of investing. That translates to three hours every year – the same amount of time you spend in liking status in Facebook a day!

It means, investing in Peso Cost Averaging not only will save you a lot of time but also releasing you from stress of investing.  Mostly in the stock market where people became millionaire then a broke within a minute or two.  That’s how stressful and dangerous the stock market.  But only if you don’t what to do.

But How Long it may need?

Investing thru peso-averaging takes serious time and discipline.

Yes it may only cost you 15 minutes every month but doing this in 5 to 20 years or longer!

I maybe little exaggerated  but it’s true.  Read my previous article about retirement planning.

It Minimize Risk and Maximize Capital Growth, but Boring!

Doing cost-averaging method is like a conservative approach where capital growth may not be attained overnight.  But in able to minimize risk is to stretch investment horizon and increase frequency of investing.

I found an illustration to help you more in investing thru peso-cost averaging.  Here is from BPI Asset Management :

Peso Cost Averaging

What To Do Now?

Are you now ready to try investing in Peso Cost Averaging?

Are you now convinced?

Trust me, most of my friends do trading and market timing ended no investment left.

Because they are not traders!  Let stock market trading for stock brokers alone.

Here are my proposed peso cost averaging investment program for everybody:

  1. Open an investment account in any commercial banks.  In my case, I preferred online investment such COL Financial. (
  2. In COL Financial,if still have zero knowledge about investments,take time to enroll first in any free seminars provided.  Here is the link.
  3. Enroll in Easy Investment Program (EIP) once your COL account finally activated.  This is their own product of peso cost averaging.
  4. Choose your preferred investment portfolios.  Choose only blue chips stocks.
  5. Read more blogs, business articles, and other investment related books.  You can always read my articles such:
    Proper Ways in Investing
    Choosing Right Investments
    Take Charge of Your Life Stage

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated in COL Financial or in BPI Asset Management.  I just trust COL Financial for their service of online brokerage and investment advocacy.  I just used the illustration from BPI AM website for the sake of illustration.

If you keep waiting on prices to fall, you may end up not investing at all!


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