How to Handle Office Politics… better!

In any working environment there will be office politics“, whatever industry we may involved there will be this kind of politics.  But first of all, what is politics anyway?  We’re always heard this word on news and read thru papers, but do we really know?

Politics simply means a practice and theory of influencing other people.  The most common use of the word politics is on the political agenda in our government.  But politics simply not limited from this,  there are also politics in the corporate world.

As long there are people, there will be always politics.

As my experiences in corporate world,  these are my known and effective ways in handling office politics:

  • Gossipmongerers – I just invented this word.  Don’t try to google it. These are employees who really like to create creative gossips that makes them happy during office hours.  How to handle this? Simply avoid them.  If they are you’re table mate and no way to avoid them, simply ignore their harmful gossips.  Never join to their forum.  Gossipers are the most nuisance employee in my personal opinion.  They are toxic people.
  • Targeting a Promotion – one of many goals of ambitious employees.  There is nothing wrong for being an ambitious (even me I am very ambitious). Ambitions drive employee to perform better.  But there are always people who wanted to drag you down.  How to handle this? Accelerate your ways in catching that promotion.  If your manager/superior is on leave, volunteer to do his/her responsibilities.  This will expose yourself to his/her level, and earn significant advantage to the people who wanted to drag you down.
  • Negative People – Most common in employment world.  They welcome problems as real problems not a challenge.  You always hearing them complaining and ranting.  Their favorite topic is cursing the company for poor compensations, and comparing to other company.  How to handle this?  Promote positive personality such taking a smile, greeting anyone a good morning,  avoid negative statements that can hurt anyone including the company your working with, and reprimand those employees who really loves ranting and complaining.  Or make a request to transfer these employees.  Workplace is should be harmonious and having positive environment.
  • The TorMentor – these employees are exceptionally good in “hard skills” but poor in “soft skills“.  They are very strict, rigid in decisions, and very difficult to approach.  They are always shouting to someone due to poor accomplishments.  They never mind the personal feeling of others but only on the desired result.  How to handle this? Very difficult.  The best move will be never against on his/her decision.  Stay friendly.  Use your “soft skills” to counter his/her personality against you.  Your dealings with this kind of person will be easier if your approach is always friendly.

There are still many office politics cases.  If you noticed, in order to handle politics in work is always be positive and friendly.  Always apply SIR (Smooth Interpersonal Relationship).  Always stay focused and work to your goals.

“It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.” – Ellen DeGeneres


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