Is Home Based Job Really For You?

Many of us have a dream of earning a modest income while at home because most of us are getting really tired from their current job.  Most are tired in daily commuting to work, having a mess with their never-been-satisfied boss in the office, and highly repetitive job that leaves them burning-out.

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Today, in the highly modernized age, most of us are now aware about alternative careers like being a freelancer, home-base worker, virtual assistants, designers, consultants, and other independent contractors that are actually can work from their own bed.  Like just wearing their favorite PJs while having a breakfast-in-bed and at the same time doing their job thru internet online.  Do you imagine a perfect job?  But before answering a big “YES”, you may consider these first.

Disadvantages of Working at Home

Home based workers works alone. Really alone.  Does will explain a lot.  But most people didn’t realized those would be dilemmas, majority who used to be worked a regular 9 – 5 or 8 hours daily.  For the record, I actually used to be a home based worker before I returned to my current job as a financial officer.  Here are what I learned:

  1. Home based workers don’t have holidays.  In fact, their payment also doesn’t affect either regular days or not.
  2. Home based workers don’t have regular vacation schedule.  Yes it is also very true that freelancers or home based workers enjoy very flexible time.  But busy home-based workers also don’t enjoy their flexible time due to many opportunities offered.
  3. Most of the time, you’ll work alone and lonely.  Humans are socially inclined animal.  Not having regular verbal conversion from peers may lead to health imbalance.  This is one of many sentiments of home-based workers.  Home workers need to find a way to overcome this source of stress.  If not solved, it may end-up to demotivated home worker.
  4. Distractions are everywhere! This is the second worst enemy of freelancers
    A Facebook addict to the maxiumum. Photo from
    A Facebook addict to the maximum
    Photo from

    and home based workers; Facebook and TVs!  As the worker, manager, and marketing person no one who will watch from your shoulder to your work.

  5. You’ll have to maintain a good reputation, no excuse for being a lazy.  One of the perks of being a regular employee is, either you work good or near to mediocrity, you are equally paid.  But as a freelancer, you have to work very properly and above the standard of your client.  Otherwise, you’ll ended-up a lousy worker and your client will share your mediocrity to other clients.  That’s too bad for a business!
  6.   There are too many low ballers! One of the stiffest enemy of being a freelancer is those low ballers.  Freelancing sites such Upwork, and Elance are flooded of low ballers.  Good home based workers and freelancers are need to find loyal customer that choose quality over price.
  7. You’ll have to make your working station comfortable and pleasant.  Home workers spent their time mostly to their working station (computer and laptops).  If you are a Filipino freelancer and stays in the Philippines, your most uncomfortable season will be summer.

    Sitting for a long period is a new "smoking". Photo from
    Sitting for a long period is a new “smoking”. Photo from
  8. Most of your time you are sitting.  One of the health concerns of home based workers.  Sitting for a long period of hours are really bad to your health.  Scientists now tagged this as a “new smoking”.  Health professionals suggests to stand-up every 30 mins to maintain proper postures and balance.
  9. You have to invest in faster internet connection.  In the Philippines, we have the most expensive internet services.  Ironically, we are also the slowest internet services in the world.  Being a home based worker, internet connection is the bread and butter of successful home working.  Clients never accept late submission of projects,  and you have to finish the project slow internet or not.
  10. Power interruption is not also an excuse for not finishing the project.  It is very simple and plain, you have to finish the job! No excuse!  One of my friends who already a successful home based worker, finished his project during long power interruption in the city, in a cheap motel with WIFI connectivity and power-generator.

Now you are already informed of common disadvantages of being a freelancer or home based worker.  It is also very true that there are really got their millions from being a freelancer.  But still asks yourself first before jumping into a conclusion, ask yourself first if freelancing is really suited to your personality.

Whatever career you choose, either in a regular employment or a freelancer, never forget to seek consultation first (from your wife, family, closest friends, etc) and ask for a guidance from Above.   Let me share you one of my favorite quotes about career.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you feel that you too can become great.”

-Mark Twain

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