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Investing in insanity are people who placed their hard earned money into investments that they never understood completely.  Well let me ask some few questions;  Are you one of many people who also sold their equities due to panic of price drop recently?  Are you also one of many who lost their investment because of silly advice?

Never be wronged in investing.  Because money is not only a piece of paper that capable to buy your dream mobile gadget or a brand new car.  The most significant part of loosing money is loosing time and energy for you to able to earn that money.

Investing Tricks… From Eastspring Ltd.

Here are some real advices from Eastspring Investments Singapore Ltd., the most respected investment companies in Asia:

  1. Never Let Market Noise Anchor You Down.  Avoid irrelevant information in making investment decisions.   Avoid as soon as possible of watching prime time news program because it only broadcast negative news.  Only seek advice from licensed financial consultants, bankers, and other people who already knowledgeable in investment products.
  2. What’s In a Price? Be patient and let share prices lead you to the most attractive investment opportunities.  Pooled funds or shared funds managed by seasoned fund managers and capable of diverting risks than on personal managed funds such direct stock market investments.  Never loose your patience due to prices drop.
  3. Do Something Different.  Investors applying disciplined long-term value approach will be compensated
    for their patience.  The famous story of Bro. Bo Sanchez about stock investment: The Turtle Always Wins relates a story of friendly race of a rabbit and a turtle.  At the end, due to reckless decision of a rabbit, the turtle who is a hugely slower than any animals in the race, won the race and got his prize.Moral lesson of the story? Always be a turtle in investment.
  4. Avoid Themes and “Herd Mentality”.  Putting importance in a short-term certainty often harms investors’ long-term returns.One of many bad habits of investors wannabe, they are just following what their friends doing.  No goals.  No commitment.  Avoid “heard mentality”.
  5. Look For Confirmed Value.  The value of the company may be determined by the returns it can generate on a sustainable long-term basis.  This is simple to relate.  When shopping for your investment investment portfolio, it’s recommended to choose companies that have very popular household names such Jollibee, Smart, Globe, PLDT, Petron, BDO, etc.Always invest in blue chip companies.

Minding your investment is like guaranteing your future

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