Planners Are for Plans Not For Fad

Did you already bought a planner for a new year?  Did you already fill it of your plans in the near future?  What do you feel after you wrote your plans for this upcoming new year?

According to some experts, writing a personal driven plan promotes emotional quotients of one person who writes plan.  Personal plans doesn’t need to have systematic ways or technical analysis to ensure it’s success.  Personal plans is purely emotional approach.

It’s very funny to know some commercial planners (the notebook huh!) costs P500.00 to P800.00 then the owner will only fill within 2 months only, will leave then on their cabinet or let it collect dusts.

The Best Time to Start Planning

The very best time to start planning for the for the next year is today (as of writing this article, the date is December 19, 2015).  The early laying of your plans for next year, the more organize and serious planner you are.

Sadly, lazy people are poor planners.  And they do planning on the very first day of the year, while others already taking actions of their plan.  They are just planners, but never a executioner of plan.

Good Reasons on Buying Cheap Planner Notebook

Good planners are not into aesthetic design of their planner.  Yes of course I like attractive and cool looking planners, but I really don’t prioritize it.  Like myself,  for example, I stick to my Pru Life UK 2016 Planner and it only cost me P195.00.  The purpose of this is to have my right notes on tasks every month I wanted to do.

You planner should serve it’s real purpose.

“Why I need to drink 18 coffees only to get a single planner??”

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