New Car or the Other?… Considering Investments Priorities

We came in toughest decision with my wife when were listing our priorities during the eve of new year 2016, a decision between a new car or “the other one”.

The “other one” is another thing.  It’s non-tangible.  And we may not enjoy it until our aged years.  Unlike the car, we can enjoy it everyday, every week, every month, and even every seconds.

But the car eat lots of money.  Fuel, maintenance costs, insurance, monthly amortization, licenses renewal, parking fees, and many other unseen expenses.  While “the other” thing is slowly earning values until it reached it’s perfect year to mature and to harvest.  Our retirement seed.

Best of all, that “the other” also makes us comfortable in any unseen and unexpected events in our life because it protects us from these.

Do you have now a clue? I am sure you know what is it.

New Car or Variable Insurance?

We really like a new car, yes we do!  We look rich if we posted in Facebook that we have a new car.  We look like wealthier than anyone if our friends saw picture of us while driving a new car and saying “Thank God for the blessings!”

But we are not that kind of people.

We still chose Variable Insurance.

The Benefits

In our monthly payment (better to call investment) in our chosen variable insurance, we might be able to buy a new Honda Civic in the same monthly amortization.  But the best decision is, we expanded our investment portfolio from pure paper assets to variable investments with life insurances.

Our Portfolio

Me and my wife are investing for more than 3 years.  So we can say, we are now matured in handling our portfolios.  Here let us share to you our lists of investment folios:

  1. Variable Linked Insurance
  2. Stock Market Portfolios (Megaworld, BDO, Metrobank, DNL, SM Prime Holdings, etc)
  3. PhilEquity Mutual Fund under COL Fund Source
  4. UITF
  5. Savings Deposits (for quick and emergency funds)

The hierarchy of these investments is important.  I really intended the Variable Linked/Life Insurance is the topmost priority in our budget allocations.  Protection first before other investments.

You Choose, New Car or VUL

good decision
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We still dreaming about luxuries such a having a new car.  But our mindset was tuned in long term benefits rather than immediate gratifications.

Having a new car is not also bad decision.  It only depends on the priorities you had settled with your partner.  If your priorities are for comfort and you think having a car will save you more time and money, then go for it.

Life is about to enjoy, not to deprive to the utmost!

You will know if your decision is good when you still feeling good after that decision


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