Reasons Why Most Filipinos Haven’t Felt Our Economic Growth

Many articles had already written by economist and financial analysts about the highest economic growth in 40 years, as well also on report stated by Pres. Aquino’s economic group.  The truth is, yes we are growing better than other Asian countries.

Because I’m seeing it too.  If you are observant enough, and having habits of reading business articles in broadsheets, you will notice the growth.

Here are some remarks that able to define our economy is indeed growing:

  1. The inflation was in the lowest of 1.10% on the 4th quarter of 2015.   If you visit Trading Economics ( and search for historical data on inflation rates, you’ll find yourself on how far the economy fasten since 2005, when inflation rate was high as 12%.  Inflation rate is the rate of decreasing value of peso due to economic valuation.
  2. The Philippine Stock Market Index is soaring up high.  Then again, historical data from Trading Economics (search for stock market and historical data), wayback on 2006 the PSEI was in around 2,000.  Now in 2016, the index fund is now soared to 7,000, little bit shy from the end of 3rd quarter in 2015 of 8,000 index funds.  All must know, the health of economy is reflected on stock market index.
  3. Commercial bonds issuance increased.   As a professional banker, almost all blue chips companies in the Philippines (the country is run, whether we like or not, by capitalists) issued commercial bonds needed for their expansion.  Ayala Corp. (ALI, and AC), San Miguel Corp. (SMC), Security Bank Inc, (SBI), and SM Prime Holdings (SMPH) are among hundreds of blue chip companies applied for commercial bonds in order to accumulate funds among consumers.

But Still, Why Most Filipinos Haven’t Felt Our Economic Growth?

Again, economic growth is not an instant noodles where ready-to-eat approach.  The culprit is;  those Filipinos who are not interested in personal finance and money management.  Here are some valid lists:

  1. Who have a family of six and having an income for just two family members. – a father employed as casual blue-collared job and earning of 300 pesos/day, decided to be married and have a children of four.  Do you think this is a wise decision?
  2. Poverty Porn from TV personalities, politicians, broad-cast medias, and social media – these people who instead help and educate more people from poverty line, used them for their political ambition by seeding anarchic perspectives and fight to government.
  3. To those who are not investing in Equities – most employees are ranters about their financial capacity and condition.  Most employees, for the record, are unable to save enough to build their own family, not because of  lower salaries but mostly from their chosen priorities.  These people who only know how to invest is thru gadgets, vacations, gimmicks, and other immediate gratifications.
  4. Terrible Family Foundation – it is related in number one.  If the head of the family struggled in finances and not able to cope and provide sufficient needs for their family, it will be inherited by their children and may offspring to the succeeding generation.
  5. To those who frequently and habitually rant – Simple explanation.  If you are always saying terrible to others (government, your company, school, etc.), terrible things will also happened to you.  I haven’t seen people from this invest in stock market or getting any variable insurance.


Let’s face the reality.  To those who only know how money works and actively investing in equities, learning, and self-growth, are the one who feel the economy growing.  I seen many people from the poverty managed to get out from there by applying what wealthy people do, strive until they made it.

Today is election period, never search for changes to your candidate, but make changes from yourself.  What if your candidate unable to reach your desired expectations?


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4 thoughts on “Reasons Why Most Filipinos Haven’t Felt Our Economic Growth

  • April 22, 2016 at 4:34 am

    These facts though true is not complete
    All or most of these are funds coming in to circulate in the trading system.
    What our country needs more is sustainable growth. Not that such level of inflation and growth is not welcome. It is a good year one favor another.
    However, in order for the people to feel it’s effects such growth and progress should trickle down to the micro and macro system.
    1 cost of food and basic commodities
    With such economic growth the value of peso should relative. Hence the cost of living should also improve. Cost of food and basic commodities now has not gone down even if the price of oil products went down by at least 35 percent
    2 shelter
    We lack housing projects that would be affordable to the working masses
    Do you know that about majority of the industry workers live on rented homes and a lot are in the slums?
    Unless we remove a good number of them in this situation the number of people complaining that life didn’t improve will remain the same
    3 jobs
    Sustainable foreign investments should be relative to jobs
    Aside from call center jobs, there is still a large amount of industrial and service jobs that needs to be generated.
    So why aren’t that many jobs created? The funds that came in were largely in stocks which can be pulled out easily from our country.

    The reasons you stated about poor family foundation, do you think they wanted that? It was their lack of education that stuck them into that state.
    This government built a huge number schools all over the country. But there weren’t enough teachers to fill them up immediately as they built them.

    The lack of solid program to contain drug problem has destroyed the Filipino family.
    It is only in this era that we’ve seen governors mayors and other hooligans who produce the drugs with the protection from the police. It used to be that our only problem was about gambling. A vice that barely destroys the brain of the afflicted. Never in my lifetime that I have seen drugs made inside the national prison.

    You did a good job with your analysis, but it would be great if you dug up more as to what makes us little guys feel hard up and poor.

  • April 22, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    Taxpayers money going to waste which results to: Poor infrastructure leading to: undeveloped countryside leading to: not enough economic activity leading to: not enough job opportunities. Think of a rich country that does not have a good infra?

    The country’s infra has not improved!

    The key here is providing good paying jobs to everyone.

  • April 23, 2016 at 10:06 am

    Yes, you just validated and explained well my thoughts. Personally, I have felt so much our economic growth.

    The points you have raised are so valid, and I believe those who have understood these points, have and will feel the economic growth we are enjoying now, and will be enjoying years later.



  • April 23, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    To middle class Filipinos: Actually, those who think that their lives have not improved are the ones who expects much from the govt. Never expect from the govt because any govt would prioritize the poor. Burn your ass thru work, lessen your expenses by living simpler lives, trust God.


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