Saving Money on Your Dream Vacation

I never met a person who hates having any vacation.  Either the most workaholic employee I known, still loves to stay out on their office and have their feet to travel.  Most entrepreneurs and employee share same interests, and that is having a good vacation.  But there are always catches on planning of having a vacation.

Vacation Could be Cheap … or Expensive

Personal finance advocates always emphasize, take all things in balance.  Relatively, you can enjoy your vacation also without breaking your budget.  Your vacation is enjoyable, not necessarily expensive, and also never deprived you to the utmost.  One of the simplest way to do this is to prepare your budget a year ahead.  Read the next heading to determine how to do it.

How to Enjoy Your Vacation without Breaking Your Budget

As I said earlier, one of the best way to achieve your dream vacation enjoyable and within your budget is always plan ahead longer.  Here are my advises:

  1. Create a simple ‘Vacation Budget ” jar.  It could be an old Lady’s Choice mayonnaise or Lily’s peanut butter emptied bottle.  Label it “Boracay Budget 2016” or whatever dream destination you wanted to have.  Me and my wife created a bottle and we labeled it “Sakura Japan budget 2017”.
  2. Talk About it… more and always.  If you and your travel buddies or simply your family really wanted to pursue this vacation, discuss it always over breakfast to dinner.  Along these discussions, you will realize more new ideas how to enjoy and finance your dream vacation.  Believe me, it works!
  3. Create Travel Plan.  The most reliable source of non-bias travel opinions ares from the people who already been on that vacation.  is one of the best way to get vital information about the dream destination, and letting you know the opinions of tourists who already been there.
  4. Prioritize “How to Get There?” before “Where to Stay There?”.   The most common mistakes of novice travelers.  For those who are employed, file your vacation leaves first or asks permission to your employer before booking your flight.
  5. Set Aside a Separate Budget for “Pasalubongs”.  Most of budget-breaker will be coming from your “pasalubongs” or souvenirs.  We Filipino as loving and caring race, loves to share what is ours too.  Part having a vacation, we really wanted to give or share what delicacies or unique items from our vacation to our colleagues, family, and friends.  And because of that, it will also break your budget very often.  Allocate a fund for “pasalubongs” and stick on the budget.

Taking Yourself in a Vacation is Healthy

Taking yourself in a vacation is healthy both for mind and the body.  If your current work or job hinder you to take a break or make a vacation is a company for masochists.  Leave that company right-away and find yourself another company to serve.  Love your self more.

Always place yourself in balance.  There will be a season of being thrifty, hardworking,  and money-wise.  But there will be a season you have to enjoy your labor using your money in order to bring your self to better performance.



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