How to Start Investing With P10,000

How many of us have P10,000.00 in their pocket?  Probably most of our readers have more than this amount.  Is P10,000 is small enough to earn today easily?

Probably yes.  Depending on your attitude towards money.

Defining attitude towards money, how can you define it?  Is P10,000 looks a power to you?

You can have a month-long grocery supplies.

Three new Longchamp bags.

A date with your fiance.

A mid-level smart phone.  Or a second hand one: Iphone 5s maybe!

Or a seed money to your future.

Seed Money For the Future

A P10,000 money can turn your financial life to 360 degrees.  No kidding!  Once right attitude imbued in you, your perspective towards money will change.  Everything starts in proper attitude and right decision.

You can use the money to start your Unified Investment Trust Fund account or UITF.  All commercial banks in the Philippines have their own UITF products.  After you read this article,  visit any bank of your choice and inquire about UITF.

UITF simply a pool of trust funds manage by seasoned fund managers.  There are at least five categories of UITF: Money Market Fund, Balanced Fund, Bond Fund, Institutional Fund, and Equity Fund.

A fast explanation of each categories:

Money Market Fund –  investment in conservative instruments such deposit products, BSP Special Deposit, and highly marketable fixed-income instruments.

Balanced Fund – investment in a mixture marketable fixed income instruments, stock equities, and other semi aggressive funds.

Bond Fund – primarily invested in government securities such FXTN, and corporate issued bonds.

Institutional Fund – a special pool fund primarily for corporate clients.

Equity Fund – primarily invested in stock equities and other aggressive investments.

You can visit UITF Philippines website to get the latest benchmark of UITF products in the whole industry.  You can simple click here or visit

Stop reading now and grab yourself to the bank of your choice.  Whatever bank you choose, the meat-of-the-dish is you already start investing and thinking about your future.

What separate matured people from immatured is they always consider about future.  The latter always think only the present.

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