The Best Christmas Gift to Your Love Ones

I remember when I was a child, my mother used to buy me a yearly Christmas gift either a new shirt, Voltron action figure, or a new bag.  And I’m always concluded it was my best Christmas gift ever!

A love letter from someone photo from
A love letter from someone
photo from

When I reached teen years (high school days), a love letter from my crush really made my Christmas complete, and I fervently spelled “the best Christmas gift ever!” to my Catleya notebook.

When I started working and earning my own money, an additional incentives and a nice CBA package from our company, already spelled together with our drinking buddies “the best Christmas gift ever!”

These real stories of mine can prove evolution really exists.  Mostly when you already got married.

My Best Gift Christmas Ever

When I got married few years ago, emotional maturities slowly sink-in thru my priorities.  Unlike when I’m still single,  I only prioritized my self thru investments in UITF and stock market.  I never considered of getting other investments.  I took about 3 years to decide to finally gave my wife the best Christmas gift ever!

I bought my very first life insurance policy.

Why Life Insurance Policy is the Best Gift Ever?

Gift Giving photo from
Gift Giving
photo from

Participating yourself in life insurance is giving your love ones the feel of security and protection from unseen, unexpected, unfortunate, and unwanted events in our lives.  These are critical sickness, departing, accident which can result to disablement, and hospitalization.  Imagine anyone these happened to me, my lovable wife would be in emotional stress as well our would be kids.

It can also wipe our entire life savings and sold my UITFs and shares to lower prices.  Our would be kids would never reached senior grade school.

.. and It Also Prepared Us For Our Retirement

For just a monthly payment in fifteen years, our retirement would be secured since I chose high equity fund allocation and managed by East Spring Investments (the best performing fund managers in Asia).  It is like investing in a stock market for long term with life insurance attached.

Consider It Too

I really love my wife (yes no doubt! please no mushy mushy haha!).  Instead of giving her a material that eventually will get obsolete, why not giving her a safety from all uncertainties in life.  I really understand life is enjoyable yet unpredictable, and having a life insurance can cover my family from these uncertainties.

And much more, it would be a lifetime gift.

“Life insurance is not an additional expense to allocate, but an expense for protection from 4Us (unseen, unfortunate, unexpected, unwanted).”

For more information about life insurance with investments attached, I’m very happy to discuss it with you over a cup of coffee.

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