Ways to Recover From Life Setbacks and How to Bounce Back

Many of us experienced failures in life.  CEOs, Managers, Presidents, and other captains in all industry also experienced setbacks or failures.  Failures are either self-made or others-made.  Others define it as controllable or uncontrollable.  Even yours truly also encountered both self-made and uncontrollable failures in life and in career.

Here are my collected ways to recover from life setbacks and how to bounce back strong:

Accept That Failures are Essential

Failures are indeed essential in every day life.  No one became victorious without having any single dent.  Every successful people you know, endured lot of troubles, blood-spilled, tears and sweat shed before they reached the pinnacle of their capabilities.  I don’t see any successful people who insist their success was easy-reached, they are baloney and will try to sell something.

Feel Your Failure

From my personal story; my father passed away few weeks after this writing.  I was devastated and this life changing event brought down myself into my knees.  I was very sobered and emotionally tired.  I was undergone self-doubt, laziness, and fear.  There are days that I do not want to go to work anymore.  I almost drafted my resignation letter and handed it to my superior and be sobered.  Until my wife and my own self uplift my spirit and decided to continue my journey that I was started.

One of my good qualities is to have discipline to motivate myself without the need of other people.  It’s one trait I learned from my late father; to be independent and be creative whatever left to myself.

7 Stages of Grief: Modified Kubler-Ross Model

If you are experiencing life setbacks today, in my story, your failure should undergo to your emotion and let it hurt yourself.  Saying that you are ok, but in your own self you aren’t, you are making yourself harder and path to acceptance will be much longer.  To learn more about Kubler-Ross: Stages of Grief, please click here.

Feel your pain and let it accept that you are in pain.  Let time heal your wounds.

Learn How to Motivate Yourself

No other people can really help you, even your caring wife and mother, but only yourself!  Characteristics of having strong emotional attributes is having self-discipline.  No matter number of appreciation from your friends are nothing to compare if you don’t let yourself heal your emotional wounds.  If you read the Kubler-Ross: Stages of Grief you are finding yourself trapped in bargaining stage.

In my recent motivation, I took my self a vacation together with my extended family, stayed in an island, had a zip-line, and took pictures and videos.  I assumed if my father is still alive, he wanted me to be happy and never be boxed in grief.

Read motivational books.  Have recreation if you must by having a good dinner, short vacation, travels, watch movies with friends, etc.  There are plenty of ways to be happy and set-aside your pain caused by a tragedy.

Learn How to Forgive


A wiseman said “Never let yourself be filled of anger to someone, it will drain your energy which you can use to other activities.”  Always forgive even that person will never ask for your forgiveness.  Life is too short to have many enemies.

I also met some not too nice people, and the other one always saying ill about me.  I made my decision to forgive those people even I know they will never ask forgiveness.  And I feel more comfortable and guilt-free.

Take Your Time to Bounce

Making to be okay from being really not-okay undergo stages.  There are no shortcuts.  You cannot be happy after a tragedy happened in a single blink of an eye.  If you feel you are still hurting after such a long time, take a moment and feel the pain.  Ask yourself why it’s still hurting.  Maybe you missed something need to accept and you are still continue denying.

Pray.  Always Continue to Pray Until Something Happened

Prayers are best form of meditation and self-confession.  Whatever religion or faith you are following, we have something in common, we are practicing praying.

Pray Until Something Happened.

As every one of us sometimes learns,And many a fellow turns about.  When he might have won had he stuck it out.  Don’t give up though the pace seems slow -You may succeed with another blow.

— excerpt from Don’t Quit

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