What Will You Do If You Hate Your Current Job?

“I hate my current job, it drags my body every morning!”

“The traffic is monstrous, I wish my office is two blocks away from our home.”

“My boss have biases! He always favored others while I does most of the job!”

I heard of these statements many times of my 13 years in corporate world.  When ranters said like above statements, I sometimes asked them, “Why not file resignation and find a new job?” They replied same statements like these:

“I am trying to look for one, but those I found don’t pay as much as my salary now.”

“It’s very difficult to find a new one.”

“I’m ok here, I’ll just wait here for more better opportunities.”

People are really complicated.

Here are some ways to deal if you hate your current job.  I collated it from a classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and from my personal experiences.

1. Start Planning Your Resignation

Write a resignation letter tonight, make sure you indicate the desired date.  It’s sound funny but it will work! The mindset you will create will be your motivation to go to job daily.

2. Think Your Current Job is an Opportunity to Finance Your Future Business Endeavor

Again it’s only mind-setting.  Consider your current job is an opportunity to plant seed money for your dream business.  Whether it’s flower shop, bakery, water refilling station, or network marketing, it’s better to start planning.  Your current job may give you opportunities to help your future business.

3. Be Grateful that You Have a Job

Another mind-setting; Other people wanted to have a job so badly.  Think you are very lucky for having a job while others beg company to companies.  Be grateful.  Having a job is a blessing from our creator.

 4. Set a Financial Goal

A simple goal while keeping your current job you hate is financial motivation.  Set a certain amount (like 200,000 or 500,000) you to achieved before you quit a job.  You can set aside 10% to 20%  of salary then compute how many months it will take to earn that certain amount .  You will feel more motivated.

5. Stop Ranting.  Keep Your Negative Opinions to Yourself!

Guard your words and thoughts.  Negativity attract negatives.  Positivity attract positives.  Being positive thinker will not guarantee your success, but  being negative will sure brings you negative.  Keep your feelings and opinions to yourself.  Focus on praising your officemates, your work, your company, and even your boss.

Face your fears, embrace challenges, and have a courage to change your life.  Never find your self in self-pity.  Life is used to be enjoyable.

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