Winners Never Quit

Or, if you prefer, success is never final and neither is failure – unless you let it be.

One of the greatest stories we’ve ever come across on the will to succeed, centers on Pete Strudwick. Pete, a 50-year old Californian, had an ambition to be a marathon runner. A marathon is 26 miles, 385 yards. This determined competitor has run and completed more than 40 marathons, including the Boston Marathon – and he has no feet. No feet! Pete runs on stumps. When asked, “Pete, how do you run 26 miles with no feet?” he replied, “You don’t lean backwards!” In order for you to realize your full potential in selling, you must develop this kind of persistence – keep moving forward.

Winners have the will to win, but it’s not enough to just have the will to win. You need the will to work to win. Here is a six-step procedure you can follow to motivate yourself for the long haul and keep moving toward success:

• Develop self-acceptance. It is vital that you have a strong, healthy self-image.

• Realize you have the potential for greatness. Never entertain doubts about your ability to achieve greatness.

• Plan for greatness. Decide to do great things, then do all of the small things that add up to greatness.

• Think like successful people think. Ask yourself: “Is this the way a successful person would do it?”

• Act as if it were impossible to fail. Quiet confidence inspires others to want to see you succeed.

• Monitor your results. Studying the score causes the score to improve.

We often hear it said of successful salespeople: “Everything they touch turns to gold.” We sometimes think of these high achievers as being lucky. The fact is, their selling success is the result of their will to win and their will to work to win. By the force of their convictions they wring success from the most adverse circumstances.

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