You Could Be a Millionaire Retiree in Your 30s… While Keeping Your Day Job.

This article might succumbed you with doubt. How an earth could be a millionaire while keeping a day job?? Is this kind of network marketing gimmick?

Read again the title of this story. “You Could Be a Millionaire Retiree in Your 30’s”

Could means having a possibility.  And this article will share to you the possibility of becoming a millionaire retiree in 30’s, ofcourse with the right tool and right mindset, you can convert this concept into a reality.

The Scenario….

The scenario will be like this:

You are in your 18th birthday.  As a matured and well mentored teenager by responsible parents, you are chosen between a grand birthday party or an investment that your parents willing to pay the premium until you got a job and able to pay the premium.  The parents got that second option from a good financial consultant (like me! **wink!).

You, the celebrant, is like King Solomon and preferred wisest gift he can received.  — investment option! The second one!

The proposal of the good financial consultant will be like this:

You will be investing of P44,000.00 per year, equal to a monthly of P3,660.00:

Life insurance covered for P1,000,000.00.

Critical illness and Total Disability benefits: P500,000.00

Personal Accidents: P180,000.00

Hospital Allowance of P1,000.00/day per illness

Funds are all allocated in equities.  For the average growth of 10% per year, here is the summary of his funds, for consistent monthly investing of P3,660:

5th year of investing                   =             P146,600.00  (You are 23)

10th year of investing                =             P503,200.00 (You celebrating your 28th bday)

15th year of investing               =              P1,100,000.00 (You are  33 and a millionaire!)

another years of investing     =               up to P10,000,00.00

What if the actual growth of your fund may reach up to 15% to 20% in the average?  What if our beloved country continue to grow more and do lots of room for improvements? Are you aware in daily business news and heard the Philippines, as time of writing this article, already left “bear market” and continue to grow more into a bullish market.

I wish I knew this kind of instrument long before I reached my 18th birthday!


Note: The above amount proposal is NOT a fictitious .  It was computed in a system of financial consultants from their respective agencies.  To provide you a free proposal, you can leave a message down here  and let’s talk more about it.



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